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All About Dogs and how this Hampshire Dog Photographer works

I love it when dogs are just dogs.  I won't mind one little bit if he or she jumps on me with muddy paws, dribbles on my favourite camera, knocks me over or covers me in water (in fact, I'm often knee deep in streams, to get the best photograph).  

All that consumes my thoughts on our photoshoot is:

Is everyone relaxed, are you enjoying your day and is your dog comfortable.

Are we creating the images you dream of.

That's it. I don't care how I look, or whether I'm covered in mud.  

All I care about is that when you look at the images we create, what you'll see, is that indefinable character that you'd recognise anywhere as your dog and only your dog.  

All about Dogs: Welcome
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All about Dogs: Services

My service to you

My service to you is all about creating dream pieces for your home.  Ordinary doesn't work for me, and because you're here, I'm thinking that it doesn't work for you either.  

I know this next bit is about me, and I have my own page already!  But bear with me.  It is really about what motivates me to give you the very best service that I can and why that's so important to me personally.

Years ago, before I became a photographer, I used to take endless photos of my husband, my parents, my aunt and uncle (my second Mum and Dad), my dogs and my cats.  I'd print a few and put them on my walls.  Far too many, I'd keep on my computer.  One day, my computer crashed and I lost every single photograph that I'd not printed.  Those were all the photographs of my Dad, My Mum, my Uncle, my Aunt, my beautiful dogs and cats, (many no longer with me with me) and I couldn't get those images back.  I was devastated.  And so, so grateful for the ones I'd printed.  

And this and only this is why I am so passionate about creating art for your homes and why I will go the extra mile to create for you,  the images that you long for.

Before you commission me, we'll chat on the telephone and that conversation is probably our most important interaction until the day of the photoshoot.  During that telephone call that we will decide whether we are a good fit for each other. And by that I mean, do I closely understand what it is that you desire from our collaboration and is your vision aligned with the work that I love to create.  (If we chat and find that I'm not the photographer for you, that's ok.  I am sure we'd both rather know now and I will happily recommend photographers who will, potentially, be a good fit for you.  Because, I really only want what is best for you).  

If we decide to go ahead, it will be really useful for me to have a photograph of the wall you'd like to hang your statement piece.  For instance, if you've fallen in love with the Orbs, then that requires me to think of ways that I will photograph your dog and you, so that your image sits perfectly within that beautiful circle.   Likewise,  if you'd prefer several smaller frames, (to create a dramatic wall installation), then again, that requires me to think about how I photograph in different ways to create a beautiful panel of images for your wall. 

As one of my clients put is "Sharon is a perfectionist".   And I spend hours after our photoshoot, choosing and creating the images that I present to you.

And I present only the very best images from our day.  I won't guarantee 20 or 30 images, that's not my style.  I won't give you "filler" images to make up the numbers that I've promised you.  Instead, I'd rather present you with 10  "wow" images for you to choose from.

Below, I've laid out the three steps to those beautiful pieces within your home.   

But before you go and look.  One last thing.  I promise to guide, to suggest, and deliver beautiful images for your home that you will treasure for a lifetime.

All about Dogs: Text


"Brilliant service!  Can't recommend enough.  

Sharon's attention to detail and photography skills are amazing.

Her passion for animals really shows through in her photos!"

Ben Ross

All about Dogs: Testimonials

Our Collaboration

How you and I create dreamy, images for your home .

These images have to be special. They are ones you'll see every single day.  

You may wake up to them, or prepare supper looking at them. Or gaze at them when you settle with a glass of wine in the evening after the children have gone to bed.  

They are the images your children and future grandchildren, great grandchildren will talk about.   And you'll recall the fun you had and how it went far beyond your expectations.

They'll transport you back to a time and place in a way that absolutely nothing else ever does.

All about Dogs: Services

We talk. We discuss your needs and we decide whether I am the photographer for you.  I'd really love to see a photograph of your dog and I'd especially love to hear all about what you'd like from your photoshoot.  Where you'd like the image to hang, your colour schemes.  Anything at all that your heart desires.  If we think we'd be a great fit then ...

We'll  put two dates in our diaries.  A  date for the photoshoot and a back up date, just in case the weather is awful on the first date or in the unlikely event that we don't get all of the images we need.  I'll then confirm all of that and send you a welcome pack full of information.


Prior to your photoshoot, I'll begin planning.  I'll have researched location based upon what you've told me and we'll zoom or speak on the telephone as often as you wish.  I'm there to answer any questions you may have.

On the day of our photoshoot.  We meet and have fun and you forget the camera is there whilst I do what I love more than anything else in the world.


What happens next. Every set of images is unique and I will often take some time to consider how to present them.  I want the unmistakable character of your family, and your dog to shine through.

I will only present the best images and I will never present "filler" images. This may take as much as a month but the very moment that I have finished,  I will call you and we'll put a date in our diaries for your private viewing evening.   

The night of the private viewing.  We can do this in person, or by zoom.  Whichever you prefer.  Both are fantastic and this is such a fun and creative evening. And it takes as long as it takes.  I'm there to guide and offer suggestions for choosing the best frames, mounts, portfolios.  
Finally, I will personally deliver the pieces to you personally so that we can look at them together.  This is what makes my job magical.

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