Africa - Kwazulu Natal

Zimanga Private Game Reserve May 2019 Day 4 As Day 3 turned inexorably into Day 4, I took to my camp bed and sleep came quickly. There were three of us in the hide and we had decided to take turns sitting and watching whilst the others slept. At 1:15a.m. I was awoken to witness a Hyena running across the landscape, tantalisingly close to the water but not stopping, but I was glad for even this fleeting glimpse .... and so it was my turn to sit for a while and enjoy the peaceful silence of the darkest African sky. I slept again during the night but as dawn broke to cloudy skies, we were all awake and drinking tea. The window in the hide is a panoramic one, wide and shallow. We three sat in

Africa - Kwazulu Natal

Zimanga Private Game Reserve May 2019 Day 3 As I lie in my bed, I knew that it would be 40 hours before I would return to this soft, warm, oh so comfortable space .....and I wondered what adventures those hours held in store for me.... ... so began Day 3 ....Coffee and oat cookies consumed, I climbed into the jeep and once again, as a group, we wove our way through the still dark landscape of pre dawn, stopping frequently to catch a glimpse of nocturnal creatures scurrying into the trees, trees which increasingly pressed around us as we drew closer to the hide. Imagine a lake, still, dark and deep, reflecting on it's surface the merest hint of coming daylight. In the middle of the lake sit

Behind the Camera - Dogs, Camera, Action

Me, my dogs and the story of a Photoshoot Lying face down in mud and rather more water in my wellington boots than is ideal - this is my job and I love every minute of it. Photograph courtesy of Rhian White Photography In a sense I've been training for my job all my life, before I took my first step I had a dogs' eye view of the world as I crawled around the floor with Jilly, my family Scottish Terrier. And from then to now, dogs and cats have been a part of my life and I have been blessed with their companionship and unfailing loyalty and yes, love. During my lifetime, I've seen training methods come and go, some successful, some downright cruel. I've done "clicker training", "training to

Africa - Kwazulu Natal

Zimanga Private Game Reserve May 2019 Day 2 At 4:30 a.m. the most welcome sights (and scents) are those of home made cookies and fresh coffee. And so it was that my mornings began. Calvin generally arrived about 5a.m. and we had a quick chat about the day, before heading off into whatever adventure lie ahead of us. This morning, Day 2, the three of us were going to the Scavenger Hide. I'll confess a photography hide is not my natural home, I'm an outdoor, breathe the air, move around with my camera type of photographer. However, I also know that hide photography allows observation at close proximity, without disturbing the animal in any way, and in a way which is often quite impossible

Africa - Kwazulu Natal

My senses came alive in Africa. It was a given that I would fall in love with the animals but nothing prepared me for the land, the scents,


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