All about Horses

Every single horse that I've ever met has filled me with awe.  I absolutely love photographing them.

There's almost an instinctive connection of the soul and it shows in every image.  The majesty of them is so real, it's almost tangible.  The lens of my camera magnifies every single emotion and the relationship you have with your horse shows in every image.


Before our photoshoots, we will certainly have either exchanged e-mails and spoken on the telephone.  (We may even have met, you may want to show me the wall where you'd like your artwork to hang because this gives me a real insight and inspiration for your finished wall pieces.    Or if you prefer send me a photograph of the wall where your framed art will hang, that's absolutely fine with me.  This is all about you and what fits in with your life.  It's real collaboration. 

The reason I ask to see where your image will hang is because it may have an impact upon the time of year we decide to do your photoshoot.  If your desire is a beautiful black background then the time of year is irrelevant. However it may be that you will long for a summer sunrise or sunset, or to travel to the beach and gallop along the sand or maybe an early evening trip to the new forest for images of gorse.  And as the seasons change, you may prefer the golden light of Autumn or bright cool tones of Winter sun.


Whatever you desire, it's all about enjoying the day and creating breathtaking works of art for your home.

What I can guarantee as an absolute is that if you and your family are in the photographs, there will be no awkward posing and uncomfortable "smiles for the camera".   

You will be presented with only the very best images from our day, edited by me in my style and each framed image is signed by me as an original. I will never outsource the editing (I grew up with a paintbrush in my hand and so creating your image is my happy place).  

I take very seriously the faith that you put in me, in trusting me to photograph you, your family, your horses and I promise to bring my love for these wonderful beings and my years of experience to each commission, to guide, to suggest, and deliver beautiful images that you will treasure for a lifetime.


Our Collaboration

The images we create are ones you will see every single day.  You may wake up to them, or gaze at them when you settle with a glass of wine in the evening after the children have gone to bed or prepare supper looking at them.  They are the images your children and grandchildren will talk about.  They will take you back to a time and place in a way that absolutely nothing else ever does.  

They are the images family and friends will ask about.  Where were you, you look relaxed, happy, beautiful.  And you'll recall the fun you had and how it went far beyond your expectations.    

Folio Box 3.jpg

We talk. We discuss your needs and we decide whether I am the photographer for you.  I'd really love to see a photograph of your horse and I'd especially love to hear all about what you'd like from your photoshoot.  Even down to whether you have specific thoughts as to where you'd like the image to hang your Framed images and your colour schemes.   

If we decide to go ahead, we put two dates in our diary. A primary date for the photoshoot and a back up date.  I will then confirm our conversation and send you a welcome pack full of information.

Prior to your photoshoot, I'll begin planning and we'll speak again on the telephone.  I'm there to answer any questions you have arising from the welcome pack and to offer suggestions about make up and clothes if you and your family wish to be in the photographs.   

The big day.  We meet with plenty of time to spare, so that your horse can relax, you can relax and importantly, have fun and for you to forget the camera is there whilst I do what I love more than anything else in the world.

I approach every set of images in a different way and edit each in a completely unique way, so that you'll see my style but you'll see the character of your family and your horse. This may take as much as a month. The very moment that I have finished,  I will call you and we'll put a date in our diaries for your private viewing evening.   

The viewing.  It is during this private viewing that we will create the framed pieces of art and place orders. I use only the best print companies and hand made frames in the business.  And, I will personally deliver the pieces to you, it's something I love to do.  It's like Christmas Day for me.