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Frequently asked question

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Dog Photoshoots

The Answers You Need

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What if my Dog won't sit?

It really doesn't matter at all.  
In our conversations before our photoshoots, we'll have discussed the sort of images you'd like and even a little bit about how we'll work together to create the images that you'd love.  

If you'd like a sitting portrait of your dog, I have my ways and it literally takes me a millisecond to click the shutter, that's how long your dog would need to be still for.

But if your dog isn't a "sit" on request dog, then maybe that's not the best photograph to take.  Maybe we aim for full on fun and running and jumping.   Whatever your dog's character, we'll capture that in the images. Because that's what makes him or her totally and utterly unique and totally and utterly yours. 

What if the weather forecast is awful?

Before our photoshoot, I'll be checking the weather forecast pretty regularly.  I check the TV weather and I have another three apps on my phone.  

If the weather is going to be awful, then we'll switch to our back up date.  That's what it is there for.  

If the weather is still awful on the day of the back up date, then we'll chat and arrange another day.  

These are the images that you'll be looking at for a very, very long time and the light is so important that it's worth just waiting until the weather conditions are right.  

It's the very reason that I don't pack my diary full, so that I can be flexible around dates and weather conditions.  

What should I wear?

Whether outdoor or indoor photoshoot, clothes that you feel comfortable in and that reflect your personality are perfect.  Try to avoid whites and black and large patterns because they tend to dominate an image.   

If the whole family is going to be in the images, try to co-ordinate colours if at all possible.

If it's Winter, boots always make for a great image.  And in Summer, long floaty dresses look gorgeous.   Denim seems to always look beautiful on camera.  

Do I have to be in the photographs?

These are your images, for your beautiful home.  They are whatever you want them to be.  

Tell me what you'd like and if there's something stopping you from being in the photographs, let's chat.  

But absolutely not, this is your time and the only thing that matters to me is that you enjoy it from beginning to end.

I have several dogs, will you photograph them all?

Of course, I've photographed 13 dogs all from the same family before.

The number of dogs may alter the shape of our photoshoot a little bit.  Two or three will make no difference, but more than that may mean that we craft the images differently.  

It's a great question and if this is you, then definitely something for us to discuss at our initial telephone conversation.   

I'd love a beach photoshoot, is that possible?

Every year, I run some mini photoshoots on the beach.  Just a couple of days when I take advantage of the early morning and early evening light.  There are just 4 photoshoots available for each session and so slots are in great demand.  If you'd like to be amongst the first to know, please get in touch via a "green" button and put a heading of BEACH and as soon as I have dates, you'll be the first to know.

How far will you travel?

My photoshoots have a range of 20 miles from Kingsclere in North Hampshire.  If you live further away than that, please do get in touch, I'm always happy to travel, it may be that I add a little extra onto the cost to cover mileage.  There will be no extra for time.

I feel uncomfortable letting my dog off lead.  Is it still possible to have a photoshoot?

Absolutely, and it's not an unusual as you may think.  I'm very good at removing leads from images and so we'll work with your dog in a way that makes you, your family and your dog happy and comfortable.

I'd like to purchase a voucher.  How do I do that?

A Voucher is a truly lovely gift for the dog crazy person in your life.  Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, anniversary gift.  Whatever the celebration, it's the giving of a gift that will last a lifetime. 

I personalise every voucher that I send out.  I include a Welcome Pack and Personalised Letter as well as a few goodies.  

It's because of this, that it's important that we chat before you purchase.  So please head to any of the "green" buttons.  And let's arrange a wonderful surprise.

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