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Frequently asked questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about Equine Photography

The Answers You Need

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What if the weather forecast is awful?

If the weather forecast is awful, we'll revert to our back up date.  After all, that's what it is there for.

These images that we will take are so important to you and to me and so I prefer to just wait for good light.  

It's not always the case that awful weather equals cancellation though.  There are a few exceptions and the one that springs to mind is if you should wish your horse silhouetted against a dramatic sky.  For that, it may be that the weather is too good!  

Whatever the weather, we'll make sure that it suites the images that you dream of and we'll work with that.   

What should I wear?

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in.  Even a couple of changes of outfit to create different options would be great if you feel comfortable with that.  

Denim always looks great and long, floaty dresses really give a dreamy feel to your photographs.  Whatever you love, wear that and then you'll feel comfortable and it will show in all of the images.

The only things I'd guard against unless absolutely necessary are whites and blacks and large prints.  They tend to dominate the image. 

We can talk outfits (I trained as a dress designer, so clothes are amongst my favourite things to "talk") and I'll happily advise what I think would be best if you're undecided.  

I'd like my children to be in the photographs.  Is that ok?

Absolutely, without question.  That would be fantastic.

How far will you travel?

I include a 20 mile radius with the price of my photoshoots, but do come and chat if you live further away than that.  Please don't let distance put you off.  It may be that I am travelling close to you at some time or maybe I can make an adjustment for mileage.  Let's chat about it.

I'd like to purchase a voucher.  How do I do that?

Vouchers make fantastic gifts.  Whether it's a birthday or anniversary, Christmas or other celebration.  

I personalise every single Voucher, with a Welcome pack, personalised letter and a few goodies, so please do "let's chat". 

What sort of harness should my horse wear?

Whatever harness you'd like your horse to wear.  If your harness is special then yes, of course, please do use that.  Alternatively, I have some photo harnesses which are great for me because I can more easily remove them from the images I take.  Maybe you'd like a mix of both?

I'd like to be in the photographs and I'd like to wear several changes of outfit.  Is that ok?

Absolutely.  These photographs are all about You and you Horse.  Always happy to talk clothes and the perfect outfits for your images.

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