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All about Horses and how this Hampshire Horse Photographer works.

Every single horse that I've ever met has filled me with awe.  I absolutely love photographing them.

It's impossible to look into the eyes of a horse and not feel, and I don't mean feel this or feel that, just "feel" in a way that reaches straight to the soul.   And every single emotion displayed by your horse and by you is intensified by the camera. Creating beautiful, unique, timeless images that you'll love forever.  

It's why I absolutely love horse portraiture.

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All about Horses: Services

Everything I do is about creating unique, images of your horses for your home.  Ordinary doesn't work for me, and because you're here, I'm thinking that it doesn't work for you either.  

Our first phone call, before you commission me, is probably our most important interaction until the day of the photoshoot.  Because it's during that telephone call that we will decide whether we are a good fit for each other.  By that I mean, do I closely understand what it is that you desire from our collaboration and is your vision aligned with the work that I love to create.  (If we chat and find that, it's not.  That's not a problem at all.  I will happily recommend photographers who will be better for you.  Because, I really only want what is best for you).  

If we decide to go ahead, we'll probably talk on the phone or by zoom again a few times before your photoshoot.  In this way, we can get a real understanding of how we will create those beautiful image. It will be really useful for me to have a photograph of the wall you'd like to hang your statement piece.  For instance, if you've fallen in love with the Orbs, then that requires me to think of ways that I will photograph your horses and you to sit within that beautiful circle.   If you'd prefer several smaller frames, to create a dramatic wall installation, then again, that requires me to think about how I photograph in different ways to create a coherent panel.  This is all about you and what fits in with your life.  It's real collaboration. 

Time of year, time of day even, may be relevant if you want fields of long grass and sunsets.  Or it may not, if you prefer the really, lovely dark backgrounds that so many of my clients absolutely love and that I love creating.  

Maybe you want dreamy images of your horse running and for that we will need for you to lunge your horse and so we will need to discuss where we can do that.  

As one of my clients put is "Sharon is a perfectionist".   And after our photoshoot, my work takes time.  I create every image myself, I never outsource this part of my work to anyone.  And I spend a great deal of time, hours and hours, refining the images that I present to you.

And I present only the very best images from our day.   

My promise to you, is that I take very seriously the faith that you place in me.  In trusting me to photograph you, your family, your horses.  And I promise to bring my love for these wonderful beings and my years of experience to each commission.  To guide, to suggest, and deliver beautiful images that you will treasure for a lifetime.

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Our Collaboration

The images we create are ones you will see every single day.  And I want you never to tire of them.  You may wake up to them, or gaze at them, when you settle with a glass of wine in the evening, after the children have gone to bed.  Or prepare supper looking at them.  

They are the images your children and grandchildren will talk about.

These are the images family and friends will ask about.  And you'll recall the fun you had and how it went far beyond your expectations.    That's all I want for you.

All about Horses: Services
Whisper on the Wind

We talk. We discuss your needs and we decide whether I am the photographer for you.  I'd really love to see a photograph of your horse, his or her personality and I'd especially love to hear all about what you'd like from your photoshoot.  Especially, whether you have specific thoughts as to where you'd like to place your Framed images and the colour scheme within your home.

If we decide to go ahead, we will put two dates in our diaries.  
A primary date for the photoshoot and a back up date (this back up date is just in case the weather is awful for the first date  (or, in the unlikely event, that we don't get enough images from our first photoshoot).  
I will then confirm our conversation by e-mail and by post.

Prior to your photoshoot, we may well speak several times by telephone or by zoom.  If you have ideas that you'd like to discuss, or if you've seen images that you'd like to recreate.  I'm on the end of the phone.  This is as important to me as it is to you.

The big day.  We've done the planning stage and the day itself is just fun.  We meet with plenty of time to spare, so that your horse can relax and get used to the camera.  And you can relax and forget the camera is there.   This day is about enjoyment.

Equine Photography in Hampshire
Folio Box 3.jpg

Each client and photoshoot is absolutely unique.  And I want that to be evident in the images I present to you.  My aim is to present my style, but in a way that you'll see the unmistakeable character of your family and your horse.  This may take as much as a month.  But the very moment that I have finished,  I will call you and we'll put a date in our diaries for your private viewing evening.   

The viewing.  This evening is fun and creative and the culmination of everything we've aimed for.   And I love it and I really hope you will too.  With the advent of Zoom, it's very easy to achieve the viewing in the comfort of your own home, or if you prefer, come to my home for the viewing.  
During this private viewing we will, choose mounts and frames and create the framed pieces that will become part of your home. 
And approximately 4 weeks later I will personally deliver the pieces to you, it's something I love to do, It's like Christmas Day for me.

the horse photographer in Hampshire

"Your horse photographs just get me in the stomach, they are absolutely breathtaking!"

Jan Kiley

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