Nominate your Covid 19 Hero for free photoshoots and workshops.
We are so excited to be a part of this nationwide campaign endorsed by The Guild of Photographers.  Joining with our friends and colleagues and some of the most talented photographers in the industry,  in offering pledges of photoshoots and workshops..
We're saying  a thank you to our wonderful NHS, all of our Key Workers to our Vets and to those Local Heroes who have worked unselfishly to keep our communities together throughout these last few months.
Our initiative is simple, we'd like to give something back, something we're good at, something that will last you a lifetime, something that speaks a thousand words.  Some photographic memories.
The guiding principle is that there are heroes, sometimes unsung, who have helped in hospitals, in communities, in delivering food, in making those vital phone calls, in walking dogs, in a million ways, big and small.  Sometimes at great personal cost, always, always with kindness and care for others above all.  It's these people we wish to celebrate.
This is how it works
If you'd like to nominate your personal hero, we are five photographers local photographers based in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and Dorset.  
Meet your Photographers
Simply click on our photographs above for the link directly to our own web sites where you will see our individual pledges and terms and conditions.  Nominations close on the 1st September and the draw will be done on that day and independently verified.  Those successful in the Draw, will be notified shortly afterwards.
Photographers, the length and breadth of the UK have offered pledges.  To see what others are offering, here's the link to The Guild of Photographers "Portraits of Togetherness" 
Thank you to all of our Heroes.  Who is yours?

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