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I'm just going to talk Dogs and photoshoots - (they are, after all, two of my favourite things)!

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

I wanted to address a fear that so many people express to me and it's something that holds people back from booking photoshoots.

The number one fear that people express to mis that they think their dogs will just not sit when asked. A fear that their dogs will misbehave and will, well quite simply, be dogs.

I've lived with dogs all of my life, I love dogs being dogs. For me, there is absolutely nothing happier to witness, than a happy dog. I'm the person who will cross a busy road and run up to you, to talk to your dog! I'm the person who just loves dogs ...

So, here's what I think. As long as your dog is safe, nothing, absolutely nothing, your dog can do will give me a moment's pause for concern. He or she can dribble on my best camera, can cover me in muddy paws, can leap all over me, shake water all over me. Any or all of the above. I won't care, in fact, I'll probably be laughing and having a wonderful time.

I can say that in each of the photographs on this page, these dogs' people have expressed concern that their dogs wouldn't sit still for an image.

All it take, is a split second for me to press the shutter and to take a photograph that will capture a moment that will create beautiful, timeless art for your homes.

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