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Why Choose Me?

At the moment, I'm just a face on a screen, so why would you choose me above any of the other awesome photographers out there?

If I were looking for a photographer I'd want to feel comfortable with that person.  I'd really need to know that they'd approach my dogs and horses in a way which told me "this person, really loves all animals" and that this person understands what I am looking for.   

I'd want to know that this wasn't just another job to them.  That they'd really care.  That they'd work with me to create breathtakingly beautiful works of art for my home.  I'd want there to be a connection between us. 

If this is you, then we already have a lot in common.    

Why Choose Me?: About
Equine Photographer Hampshire - Why Choose Me_edited.jpg

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

Aaron Siskind

Why Choose Me?: Quote

Are we a good fit?

I want your experience to be the very best that it can be, whether that's with me or another photographer.  

I'm not going to be the photographer for everyone.  I'm all about getting to know your vision, talking, having fun and creating images you want to look at everyday.  And that means beautiful, timeless, display pieces for your homes.  This is where my passion lies in delivering these pieces to you.  I may well be a perfect fit for you, if that's your vision too.

Talking photography and dogs and horses are my very favourite things, so if you think "she might be the photographer for me",  let's chat.  Press the green button at the top right, leave me your name and number and I'll call you straight back.   

Or, if you'd like to know more, there's a whole section of frequently asked questions (the orange buttons below) for you to delve into, if you prefer to begin there.  

(I want you to know that there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever from me, I hate hard selling and I walk the other way when people corner me in that way, so absolutely none of that.  Just a really genuine desire to make sure that whatever you decide, whether its me or another photographer, that you get the very best that you deserve for yourself and your gorgeous dogs and horses.

Why Choose Me?: About
Beach Days

Apart from photography and dogs and horses, what makes me tick ...

Days at the beach with my dogs.  Walking barefoot on the sand, nothing is better than this.  Eating fish and chips and watching the waves.

Why Choose Me?: Image

More favourite things ...

  • Family and friends.  They are the reason I am who I am.  (It's my Mum in the picture below, it's a selfie but I treasure it).

  • A great night for me, is a boxset or great film and a gin and tonic and the inability to enjoy either because my dogs and cats are wrapped around my neck and lollopped on my knees and my hands. Would I move an inch?  I suspect you know the answer to that one! 

  • I just can't function without two big mugs of black coffee every single morning. On early photoshoots people laugh because they'll see my empty mug on the front seat.  Coffee had to come with me.

  • Long walks with my dogs

  • Sunsets

  • And, the smell of puppy feet.  It's my all time favourite scent.  Am I alone in feeling that?

  • "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison, even if I try to stay still, try really hard, it's just impossible.  Ooooh and "On the Beach" by Chris Rea.  I've just realised that I could add a whole other page about the music that I love.  So I'll stop here!

  • And I have to say it, my photographs, and not just the professional ones, but all of them. The old crinkled, faded black and whites, the polaroids of my youth, the phone shots of today.  I  have bags and albums full of photographs of my nanas and grandads; my dad and my mum; my husband; my aunts and uncles. Every dog and cat who has ever blessed me with sharing their lives with me. Too many are no longer here but each photograph is full of memories and precious to me beyond words.

Why Choose Me?: About

 I thought I'd introduce you to my team.  I love them more than all the stars in the sky ....

Why Choose Me?: Team Members

The Very, very beautiful Miss Cleo Bolt


The very beautiful Miss Cleo Bolt, she' s the Cairn Terrier in the photo.  My little girl came into my life, just when I needed her (dogs do that don't they?) and she filled it with light and life and wonderfulness. We went absolutely everywhere together.  If she wasn't allowed I didn't go.  She even chose my husband.  

She lived too short a life, she died at the age of 10 of cancer.  She changed my life forever and she will always be a part of it.  That's why when I started my business, it just had to be named after her.  My beautiful Cleo.

(You've probably guessed, the photograph's a very old one, but it's more precious to me than gold).


Miss Nellie Bolt

Office Manager, (rules with an iron paw)

My adorable, opinionated, glorious little Nel.  She is without doubt the biggest character in the house.  To know her is to fall, utterly, madly, deeply in love with her.  

Nel is a typical stubborn Aquarian (I can say that because I'm one too, and my Mum.  In fact Nel and Mum share the same birth date).  

She knows exactly how to pose, but absolutely hates the camera. Honestly, she will be standing on a log, perfectly backlit by the setting sun and if she sees me so much as move a finger towards my camera (or even my phone), she just turns and shows me her bum.  People think I'm making this up.  I really am not.  So if you think your dog or horse won't respond to the camera, believe me Nel has taught me all I need to know about getting a (sneaky) great image.


Mr. Brinkley Bolt

Office Cleaner

When Tom Hanks (I have a little bit of a crush on Tom Hanks) uttered these words ..... "Brinkley is my dog, he loves the streets of New York, almost as much as I do.  Although he eats the bits of pizza and bagels off the sidewalk and I prefer to buy them"..... I  knew instantly that if I ever had a male golden retriever he would be Brinkley.   Like his namesake, he cleans the floors of my office and will eat anything, absolutely anything.  

He's a natural born swimmer.  It's the thing he will do all day, every day, given the opportunity.  

He's my little boy. He looks at me with those eyes and I melt.  Every single time, I melt.

Noodle on the beach-Edit-Edit-Edit.jpg

Miss Squidge Bolt

Office Runner

My Squidge. I think she runs on an eveready battery (other makes are available).  She is one of the great loves of my life.  I love her to the moon and back.  
She was born and bred in Dumfrieshire. And she was mine from the first moment I saw her photograph.  There was absolutely no question in my heart. She  was mine and I was hers and I always would be.  (How is it that the right dog always comes along at just the right moment. Time and distance has no bearing).

She runs like the wind and I just love to take photographs of dogs running and jumping and having fun.  She's taught me better than anyone, just how to capture the moment.

Why Choose Me?: Pro Gallery

Laughter and Friendship

This Rocks my World

It was a stunningly beautiful day in late August.  These people had never met, but I'd photographed each of their dogs before and I knew (just knew) they'd get on and like each other.  And that's because I work with people I connect with, people who feel the same way about dogs, horses, friends and family.   

My friend's husband brought along his new drone and the ultimate aim was to produce a promo video.  Boy did we have fun.  It's just these sorts of days that really fill my heart with joy.  We played, we drank champagne, we ate and we watched the sun go down.  

AND I got to photograph dogs for a whole evening. (And sometimes it's the outtakes that are the most fun).  

Why Choose Me?: Text
Munsterlander 2.jpg


"Sharon attended the KC (Kennel Club) Working Gundog Trials at Chatsworth where my Munsterlander was bidding for his WGD Certificate.  The weather was atrocious but somehow Sharon has produced some fantastic pictures full of action and atmosphere.  Stunning

Annette Davis-Green

Why Choose Me?: Testimonials
Fantasy Equine images

Awards and Insurance

I have Qualified Professional Accreditation and hold full personal indemnity and public liability insurance. 

  • Awards - I am Award Winning, (I'm never really sure that's that interesting to anyone other than me).  It means a lot to me because my craft is something I work very hard at and peer recognition from the very best in the business shows me that I'm at the top of my field.   Which is exactly where I want to be.  In 2020/21 I was the winner of The Founders Cup, a prestigious competition, judged by a panel of internationally acclaimed professional photographers.  I was also in the Top 10 All round Photographers of the Year.  I have gained 6 lifetime achievement awards for my photography.   I have regularly been awarded Gold status for my images in both The Guild of Photographers and the National Photographic Society.

  • Commercially - I have worked as authorised professional photographer for The Kennel Club of Great Britain at their International Field Trials at Chatsworth House.

  • Publications - I've been featured in several publications and have a published article.   As of writing (May 2021), I will be featured in a 9 page article for Creative Live magazine this coming month.  

  • Qualifications and Memberships -  I am an accredited qualified professional photographer (QGPP) with the The Guild of Professional Photographers.  

  • And a member of Nature First - a fantastic organisation which promotes ethical photography.

Why Choose Me?: About
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Why Choose Me?: Portfolio
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